Fish Lads | Fresh Seafood | Grand Rapids, MI

Fish Lads | Fresh Seafood | Grand Rapids, MI

Conveniently located in the Downtown Market!

Fish any fresher…would be in the ocean! Fish Lads’s reputation is built upon delivering fresh, quality ingredients and making the best seafood available in Grand Rapids, MI, daily.

Fish Lads brings the freshest, highest-quality seafood from around the globe right to the heart of Grand Rapids. Owner Jeff Butzow works directly with fishermen to carefully select the finest seafood and fish to be shipped in daily. We are proud to provide the highest-quality seafood to the finest restaurants in Grand Rapids, and to offer the same products to you!

The staff at Fish Lads is happy to answer your questions and share recipes and tips. Whether you are a longtime seafood fan or you're looking to make fish and seafood a healthy part of your meals at home, Fish Lads can help you choose the best ingredients and teach you how to prepare them.

Fish Lads is more than a seafood store - it also carries a full variety of specialty foods created right in our kitchen to create a fantastic meal for you! We support local and regional food producers!

Stop by Fish Lads for fresh seafood daily! Our seafood store and market has fresh fish and more, for dining in or taking home. We also have daily deals on our always fresh seafood!

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